Service Trips


Join volunteers from around the world as we beautify monasteries, rebuild churches, create greenhouses and gardens.


For over 30 years with thousands of volunteers we’ve built safe and secure homes for hundreds of families.


After the reporters have left and the disaster has faded from the public, families are still in need in hard hit areas.

St Innocent Service Works (SISW) is the premier volunteer service-learning program that provides community, humanitarian and recovery support for non-profit organizations in North America.

COVID Protocols

All trip fees for future volunteer dates will be 100% refundable if dates are canceled by SISW due to COVID-19 restrictions. The health and safety of SISW volunteers, families and staff is our number one priority. 

We have established guidelines that will be updated as needed to reflect the most recent CDC and health officials’ recommendations.


Baja California, Tijuana Mexico – Project Mexico

Project Mexico provides safe, secure, permanent homes for poor families in Baja, California. Our mission provides sturdy structures and a foundation for families to build a better future. With the help of thousands of volunteers, we have made a difference. 

Commitment Minimum: 1 Day(s)

Greater Boston, Massachusettes – Habitat for Humanity

Our partners are dedicated to building simple low-cost homes by forming partnerships with low-income families in need of decent and affordable housing. They believe homeownership is a vital step to help families break the cycle of poverty and contributes to pride in families and communities. 

Volunteers both skilled and non-skilled with aid build teams on residential sites. Must be 16 years of age or older. 

Service: Humanitarian, Community

Commitment Minimum: 1 day(s) 

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – Neighborhood Resiliency Project

Rooted in the Gospel and teaching of the Orthodox Church, inspired by the Civil Rights Movement (American 1950s-1960s), the mission of the Neighborhood Resilience Project is to support the transformation of neighborhoods from Trauma Affected Communities to Resilient Healing and Healthy Communities through Trauma Informed Community Development. 

Volunteers will assist in home renovation, community outreach and emergency relief. As well as community paint and beatification projects.

Service: Community, Recovery

Commitment Minimum: 1 day(s)

Tallahassee Creek, Colorado – St Laurence Monastery

Located in the wilderness at Tallahassee Creek in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, the St Laurence Monastery is a refuge of unspoiled nature to witness the majesty of God’s creation. 

Volunteers will help beautify the grounds, build interior spaces and prepare the site for seasonal maintenance while enjoying the solitude and glory of the natural setting. 

Service: Community

Commitment Minimum: 4 days 

Cleveland, Ohio – St Herman House (FOCUS)

An Orthodox Christian house of hospitality with the mission to shelter and support homeless men on the path to well-being and independence and meet the basic needs of people in our community. 

Volunteers will aid in the building of exterior structures on their farm to support the food program. 

Service: Humanitarian, Community

Commitment Minimum: 1 day(s)

Detroit, Michigan – FOCUS Detroit

As an expression of Christ’s love, FOCUS Detroit exists to bring together Orthodox Christian churches, along with other communities and partners to help children experiencing poverty to succeed in school.   

Volunteers will assist in community outreach and emergency relief.  As well as community paint, build and beatification projects.

Service: Community, Humanitarian

Commitment Minimum: 1 day(s)

Orange County, California – FOCUS Orange County

FOCUS is providing opportunities for Orthodox Christian communities to engage in meaningful opportunities to reduce food insecurity and hunger in Orange County. Local food banks report over 450,000 people in Orange County are at risk of going hungry every month. Through the support of the Orthodox Church, local volunteers and partnerships with other like-minded nonprofit agencies, we have served over 180,000 people since the beginning of the pandemic in March 2020.

Volunteers will assist in home renovation, community outreach and emergency relief. As well as community paint and beatification projects.

Volunteers will assist in community outreach and relief.  As well as community paint, build and beautification projects. 

Service: Community, Humanitarian

Commitment Minimum: 1 day(s)

Puerto Rico – Techos Pa Mi Gente

Service Teams will aid in the ongoing recovery of Puerto Rico after devastating hurricanes. Our on the ground partner is Techos Pa Mi Gente “Roofs for my People”, a nonprofit organizational with the mission of rebuilding damaged roofs in underserved communities throughout the island. 

Both skilled and non-skilled volunteers will spend their time rebuilding homes for those in need living in the community while enjoying the beautiful culture and beaches of Puerto Rico.

Service: Recovery, Humanitarian

Commitment Minimum: 6 days


• $50-$100 non-refundable security deposit at time of registration

• Trip Fee: $650 total (5 days), due 30 days before trip (discounts available for early payment)

$150 per day, per volunteer

*Proceeds benefit St Innocent Orphanage and underwrite the cost of building materials, training and support.

Let’s build hope together.

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